Dream Town

Dream Town

Dream town is a story-based, match-3 puzzle game, set in a vibrant city that you are destined to make perfect!
Become a mayor of the Dream Town – get into the mayor’s mansion and re-build a vibrant city as you see fit! Do you want a beautiful garden in your city? Build it! Want to fix the house of one of the citizens? Just do it. Progress in a vast and charming story, complete engaging match-3 puzzles, meet charming characters along the way and make them part of your story.

-Rebuild a beautiful town and make it your own!
-Participate in amazing story full of twists and turns
-Make important decisions, make the story go your way!
-Plow through a vast variety of match-3 puzzles!

Experience city builder like never before! Dive into the light and colorful world of Dream Town, one of the best match-3 games out there!

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