Emma’s Getaway

Emma’s Getaway

Escape busy life and relax!

🏡 Renovate unique cabins in different locations
🖌️ Customize every detail in and around the cabins
🌸 Solve satisfying puzzles
👫 Find friendship and adventure
📚 Uncover Emma’s mysterious past!

In Emma’s Getaway, life is slow and stress free — almost dream-like. It’s a life of moments.

Moments amidst serene nature, filled with positivity and warmth. It is a return to a place once familiar now rediscovered — A place of rustic charm, beautiful aesthetics and a responsible way of life.

Emma’s Getaway is a light meditation on what is fulfilling in life, providing an oasis of calm and relatable stories. Follow Emma’s story, help your neighbors renovate their vacation homes in a variety of exciting different setting, and enjoy their unassuming friendship.

Are you ready for the leisurely life? If so, close your eyes, hear the fire crackle and savor the moment!

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